Perm Senpai

A T2 print for otakon (I’ll be at table G01, come say hi and cry about bikes with me!)

If you won’t be at ota you can also order it online here!

The 69 min prompt was Komari so uh… 

MORE FROM TWITTER. Here are some Komaris (and yamakoma for good measure) Both were from 69 min.

Midousuji dump from twitter!! 69 minute challenges and a blonde one.  The bottom outfit is bc I was watching this video (link goes to nicovideo)

Another print for Anthrocon-all cons following it! You can also preorder it in my store!

I made a nebula cat a while back and wanted to try making some birds too!  This will be a print for Anthrocon and all cons following it 

You can also preorder it in my store!

Part 1 of 2 of the palette meme requests I took! (Part 2 is all Pedal since it divided nicely) I decided to do one of each character I got! These have been helping me through con prep. 

what cons are you going to be selling at??

Hey anon! I really should put a list up somewhere since half the time /I/ can’t even remember heh. The ones I have planned for the rest of this year are:

AnimeNEXT this weekend!  June 6-8
Otakon August 8-10
Saikoucon August 22-24
Baltimore Comic-Con September 5-7

Possibly Tigercon??  Possibly Nekocon? I applied for both and am waiting to hear back.  There are also furry cons mixed in (mainly anthrocon) but I don’t usually plan to have anime stuff there. I still have it with me tho. 

can i ask how everyone seems to know so much about yowapeda after chap 138??? do you all just read the raw scans or what

It varies! I know a lot of people who read raws (most of them also know japanese), and then I also know other people who know what’s going on through osmosis or other people’s summaries.  There’s no full translation but there are people who translate bits and pieces. 

I made a kyofushi print and it ended up looking like a dating sim poster.  I have zero regrets.

You can preorder it in my store!  I’ll also have em at my upcoming cons